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Shipping and policies

Returns and refunds:
- The client is entitled to return a product which was purchased via the website, within 14 days from the date of purchase for a refund if:
 - The returned product must be intact and in its original state and package and protective packaging, including the original labels and invoice without any discolouration/tarnish or damage.
-The right of return as stated above will NOT apply to:
1) Products that were assembled at the place of the Client
2) Products that were manufactured specifically for the Client according to size or special requirements
3) Products concerning which the law does not allow for their return
4) If the Client asked that the goods ordered will be delivered to them later than one month from the date of the transaction, the right of cancellation does not apply if the consumer wants to cancel the transaction after the date of delivery.
5)A transaction where the consideration is paid by the Client with shopping coupons, a gift certificate or a loaded magnetic card.
6)Earrings, navel rings, nose rings and other jewellery for piercings cannot be returned or refunded for hygiene purposes.
7) Custom made products such as gemstone and engagement rings cannot be returned as they are made as per the customer’s requirements 
-In order to clarify, in any case of a cancellation of the order, by the Client, and/or return of the Products (not including – return of damaged products and/or a mistake in the shipment caused by the Company), the Client will be bound to pay for all expenses and charges including packaging expenses, transport and insurance for delivery of the Product and costs of return.
-Only upon receipt of the returned Product, the Company shall credit the Client for the sale price, after deducting 5% or $AU 29 (the lesser of the two) as a cancellation fee.
-In any event, the Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage during shipping of the returned Products.

All Stunna Designs pieces come with a warranty of 3 months. Our warranty will only be valid if the jewellery is proven by our independent jewellers to be defective due to the manufacturing process. Your Francesca warranty does not cover loss, changes in appearance, gradual degradation, damage, and breakage due to wear and tear or improper use or storage of your jewellery. Replacement or repair is at the sole discretion of Francesca. Charges may apply for the repair of pieces deemed outside warranty. Stunna Designs pieces are delicate by nature and therefore should be worn with care. When a good is repaired under the original contractual warranty term, only the remaining term of the original contractual warranty will continue to apply.

All goods purchased from this website come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality.

The goods will not be of acceptable quality if such goods upon purchase:

(a) are not fit for all the purposes for which goods of that kind are commonly supplied;

(b) are not acceptable in appearance and finish;

(c) have defects;

(d) are unsafe; or

(e) are not durable.

Subject to any rights you may have under the non-excludable guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law, we may impose fees payable by you in relation to any repair/service not covered by the guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law or the three month limited warranty.

The three month limited warranty excludes, to the extent permitted by law, damage due to ordinary wear and tear, misuse, accident, abuse, alteration, substitution, improper repair or warranty service performed by someone other than us or our authorised repairers, theft, disappearance, loss (including lost stones) or any other type of use causing deterioration.

To the extent permitted by law (including Australian Consumer Law), Stunna Designs reserves the sole right to judge whether or not an item of jewellery has been subject to ordinary wear and tear.

When a good is repaired under the original contractual warranty term, only the remaining term of the original contractual warranty will continue to apply.

All domestic and New Zealand orders at and above $110 qualify for free STANDARD SHIPPING.
At or below $109.99 STANDARD SHIPPING costs $8 (usually arrives within 2-7 business days)
EXPRESS SHIPPING for $11-12 (usually arrives within 2-3 business days)
All custom orders such as gemstone and wedding rings are handmade to order and will be dispatched after approximately 10 to 15 business days for gemstone, engagement or wedding rings, from the purchase date. You will be given an AusPost tracking number upon dispatch.
Tracking numbers can be entered here:
Please note, during sale periods/busy times, there may be some delays. 
You will receive an email from us letting you know that your order has shipped along with a Post tracking number.
For other international orders, please contact us for a quote prior to ordering.
Terms and conditions:
Information and Personal Information
1. In order to purchase Stunna Design products from the website the Client must fill out a form – including personal details –full name, address, e-mail, phone number and also the completion of a payment form- which may include details of the Client’s credit card, and further details, as required.
2. The providing of false information, inaccurate information, and misleading, defamatory content (including personal information) is forbidden. Providing such information, is likely to be treated as a criminal offence and will result in legal actions against the Client, including for damages, that might be caused to the Company’s website, Stunna Designs, its owners, managers or to anyone else on their behalf.
3. Posting inaccurate details allows the Company to cancel your order/s immediately.
4. It is also forbidden to transfer your account on the website to another party without the Company’s prior written consent.
5.  The following are authorised to purchase goods on this website:
  • One who is over the age of 18 with legal capacity, and;
  • The holder of a valid credit card of one of the following companies:  AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, MASTERCARD, and DINERS or the owner of a PAYPAL or Afterpay account.
6. The Company reserves the exclusive right to refuse to allow Clients to use the website including via the blocking of an IP number, for any reason, even if the costumer used the website in the past, in the following circumstances: 
• If incorrect information was intentionally submitted by the Client;
• If the Client performed an act or omission which is likely to cause damage to the Company’s website, and/or any third parties, including customers and suppliers of the Company.
• If the Client used the Company’s website services to commit an illegal act- under the laws of Australia or to enable, facilitate or aid the commission of such an act;
• If the Client has violated these terms or terms of any other online service that the Company will offer.
• If the Client owes money to the Company or its affiliates.
Intellectual Property
7. The Company’s Intellectual Property Rights include all the content which is from time-to-time incorporated, used, practiced, embodied in, or otherwise employed in this website, including, but not limited to, website design, Products design, packaging design, Products trademarks and trade names, specification, trade dress,  copyrights, currently or hereafter used by the Company, whether in this website or other website of the Company, and regardless of registration.
8. It is forbidden, under any circumstances, to copy, modify, disassemble, reverse assemble, or make any adaptation of the Company’s Intellectual Property Rights, the content of the Company’s website and of the Products that appear on it.
Pricing Policy
9. The price of the Products on the website, the conditions of supply, delivery prices, amount of payment installments and any other data are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Stunna Designs, who is entitled to change them at any time, without any advanced notice.
10. The prices include GST.
Data Security
11. Internet websites and telecommunication networks are vulnerable to hacking and to attempts to breach their security. Stunna Designs, the Company, is applying advanced defence systems in order to safeguard the privacy of the data on the Internet website. A penetration of the Company’s systems is a criminal offence subject to Australian law. Notwithstanding, the Company is unable to guarantee absolute immunity from computer attacks, breaching attempts, such as a hacking, and/or revelation or static activity of the Internet websites systems used by the Company. If in spite of the security means adopted by the Company, a third party will breach the Internet website, the Client shall have no claim, action or demand against the Company.   
12.The Client undertakes not to perform any action in order to penetrate the Company’s computers illegally, to scan for access routes or loopholes in these computers, to crack the security systems or the encryption that protect the Company’s site and the information in it or to assist illegal activities as stated above.
13.On typing in your details and on executing the transaction, you hereby release Stunna Designs from responsibility for any harm which will be caused by you and/or to anyone acting on your behalf as a result of hacking, penetration attempts and entries to the said data, and you waive any claim against Stunna Designs and/or anyone acting on its behalf, relating to this. 
14.The website operates on the Internet and on the social networks, with responsibility according to technological developments from time to time, and which is dependent on various bodies such as: suppliers: infrastructure, telecommunications, soundness of servers, storage etc., which are liable to break down, not to operate and to be damaged as a result of various bodies. Stunna Designs is not giving any undertaking regarding the soundness of the activities of the website and/or its operation without disturbances and/or faults and/or will be immune from unlawful access to Stunna Design's computers, damages, malfunctions, faults, failures of hardware, software or telecommunication lines at and Stunna Designs any of its suppliers or will be harmed for any other reason and Stunna Designs shall not be responsible for any harm, whether direct or indirect, anguish etc., which will be caused to you or to your property as a consequence.      
15. The Company will not be liable for any non-matching, lack, deception or mistake contained in the information found on the Company’s website. The Company does not undertake that the Products offered for sale will be suitable for your needs and your requirements. It is the Client’s responsibility to check the suitability of the Products for its needs.
16. The Company is making every effort to safeguard the soundness of the operation of the Company’s website. Notwithstanding, it is hereby clarified that it is likely that faults may be created in the service and in the operation of the website including faults of the lines, hardware, software or telecommunications.
17. For your information, since the Products sold on the Company’s website are often made by demand, the Company is unable to guarantee that the Product will be exactly as it appears in the illustration on the website, including but not only the shape of the Product, its colour, size and design.
Rules of the website
18.The Company is likely to amend from time to time, the terms presented above without advance notice, the new terms will be published and enter into force after being published.
19.The Company may amend from time to time the structure of the website including the service provided by it and its appearance, without advance notice. These changes are likely to entail mishaps or to lead to inconvenience etc. The client shall have no claim, action or demand towards the Company with regard to the making of the changes or malfunctions.
20.This website is intended for personal use only. The use includes the providing of gifts, but not for commercial use of any form. The Company preserves the unrestricted right to decide, according to its sole discretion not to accept any order and/or to cancel any order which the Company believes was made for commercial objectives, including wholesale objectives and/or contrary to the aforesaid restrictions.
21.In the event of a printing error, written error, an error in the description of the Product and/or its price, in its payment terms, illustration of the Product or in any other information, including receipt of your details, Stunna Designs is authorised, but not bound to cancel the transaction.   
Posting responses by web-users on the website
22.There shall be no advertising on the website and/or post links which breach the Laws of Australia and included in this is:
23.Pornographic content, a content of a strong sexual character, of a threatening nature, content that includes racial incitement, or invalid discrimination, content which is libellous, which violates privacy or violates public sensitivity.
24.Commercial advertising content or which contains an advertisement for another commercial entity.
25.Content irrelevant to the page where the response is situated.
26.Content for which the web surfer has no proprietary rights including copyright and trademarks.
   -  Content which includes viruses, applications or any other malware of any form;
   -   Fraudulent, misleading or distorted content;
   -  Content of a pestering nature or content, insulting, hostile, threatening or uncouth content;
    - Any content which encourages the performance of a criminal action or is likely to constitute a basis for an action or civil liability;
     - Content which may mislead web surfers/Clients.
27. Stunna Designs is authorised to check the contents of content posted by Clients prior to its publication on the website, and to refrain from publishing responses according to its sole discretion and/or to immediately delete it and it is authorised to edit any content posted, according to its sole discretion.
28. Stunna Designs shall not bear any liability for content posted by its Clients on the website, such content does not express its opinion and it is not a guarantor of its validity, reliability, accuracy or lawfulness. On the user who submitted content for publication is imposed the sole liability for the publication and it will be liable to indemnify Stunna Designs for any harm caused to it because of the publication.
29.In the event of the publication of forbidden responses as detailed above, Stunna Designs is authorised to prevent the publication of any further responses and to bar it from using the website, including by means of blocking the IP number.
30. The Products shall be delivered to the listed address as it appears on the virtual form the Client provided or to any other address as mutually agreed in writing by the parties. 
31. Since the Company does not keep a stock of all of the Products, and the custom Products such as gemstone rings are handmade upon request, Client acknowledges that the Company cannot ensure the delivery of an order and cannot ensure a timetable for the delivery of any order. Client waives any claim relating to the time of delivery.
44. However, the Company shall attempt to supply the Products within 10 working days (or 3 for express postage), following receipt of payment confirmation from the Client’s credit card company or other payment means for in-stock items. 
45. In the event of out-sourcing the delivery of the Product, the Company shall not be responsible for any delay or lateness in delivery which is caused by the delivery company. 
Happy shopping!