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What jewellery is trending this winter of 2021?

What jewellery is trending this winter of 2021?

The jewellery trends appearing on catwalks in 2021 have seen a revival in hoop earrings, charm necklaces, chunky link chains and pearls. In recent times, dainty and minimalist jewellery was the "in" thing, but currently, bold, colourful and larger pieces are on the rise in fashion.

Asymmetric earrings like our very own Stunna Designs butterfly wing earrings are statement pieces that think outside the box and have become very popular. They are a perfect addition and frame for your pretty face.

Hoop earrings have gone in and out of style for what seems like forever, but guess what? They are back with a vengeance! Bold hoops are all over fashion magazines and runways and come in all sorts of styles, not just your standard plain circles.

Pearls have made quite the come-back in recent times including layered necklaces, chokers and earrings from streamlined and sleek designs to organic and rough surfaced numbers. Pearl drop earrings are a stunning, sleek example.

 These choker pearls highlight an elegant neck and look superb with a low cut dress.

Pearl necklace

Layered necklaces are also trending in 2021. These compliment a baggy, V-neck sweater or plunging neckline beautifully.

Oversized florals are popular and can help balance the drab, heavy clothes of winter.

Eccentric rings are currently a hit with fashionistas. Bold, large statement type rings are a perfect way to accessorise, unless of cause you need to wear gloves in this chilly weather. Check out our striking black gun sterling silver with gemstone rings as prime examples.