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What is your engagement ring style?

What is your engagement ring style?

If you are searching for the perfect engagement ring for your (hopefully) wife-to-be, you may be feeling confused or overwhelmed with the endless choices flooding the internet and jewellery stores. Perhaps you want a ring that says more than just “we are getting hitched” when you are spending what may be a significant amount of money. Afterall, it would be nice if the ring spoke more of her style and what you love about her (or him if it may be) than just a simple contract. Long gone are the times when engagement rings were probably easy to choose, were often based on what you could afford and consisted of small variations in a simple, one diamond (solitaire) or a few diamonds (trinity or trilogy) styles. These days, there are so many designs to choose from, with more traditional style diamond rings to rings with a variety of shapes or other gemstones. 

Most women have their own style going on and may want to maintain this style even on their appendages, thus this is an important thing to think about. Traditional style rings may be important to her, so try to gather this information first. If this is the case, you can go for simple, timeless elegance such as a solitaire design or a pavé ring, which has tiny diamonds embedded in the band and a larger, central diamond. If she likes vintage styles, a halo ring, which is extra sparkly and shiny because it has tiny diamonds surrounding a centrepiece diamond, may be a good option. For specific information about diamonds, please visit here: 

If your woman falls into the traditional category, you can probably consider yourself lucky. If not, then you will have many more things to consider. What is her style? What colours does she tend to wear? Is she partial to any particular gemstone? If she wears blue, a sapphire stone might be perfect. If she has green eyes, maybe a ring with emerald. Does she wear bold or red colours? How about a ruby ring? These can also be mixed, for example, rubies and sapphires look striking together and diamonds look amazing against any other gemstone.

If this isn’t complicated enough for you, well then you need to think about the shape and design of the ring. If she already wears rings regularly, perhaps a thin, stackable band is best so she can mix and match. Modern options include open wrap rings, usually with stone designs at each end, or wider bands with small gemstones embedded throughout. Botanical themed rings are also a lovely option, as they are very feminine and unique.

So, as you can see there is a lot to think about when buying the perfect engagement ring, but so long as you think about her style and preferences when choosing you are sure to make her happy, so don’t get too hung up on minor details, and remember to enjoy the process!