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Tips for posting your engagement ring on Instagram

Tips for posting your engagement ring on Instagram


She said yes? He said yes? That's amazing! You have met the person of your dreams and you're all set to start an incredible life together. What an exciting time! I'm certain you are eager to share this huge milestone with your friends and family. Your very close family and friends are best told in person (or at least on the phone) as soon as you have a chance, but if you want to announce this incredible achievement to everyone else, what better way than posting an engagement ring pic on Instagram?

    There are two lines of thought when announcing your engagement on Instagram buy showcasing your ring. Firstly, you can shoot a close up of your hand, which boldly highlights that you are now engaged. Secondly, you can opt for a more subtle announcement, whereby the ring is in the photo, but is not the centrepiece. For example, it could be a photo of you and your fiancé holding a celebratory drink, with your ring sparkling in the forefront. 

    Either way, here are some things to remember when creating an amazing Instagram engagement post:

    1. Get a manicure prior to the photo. You'll get more likes and engagement if the beauty of your hand matches that of the ring.

    instagram engagement ring post

    2. Make sure the ring is the centrepiece in the photo to highlight its importance. Even if your photo is of you and your fiancé together, get that hand front and centre!



    3. Be sure to focus properly. Ideally, don't zoom in as this can affect the quality of the photo. Just move your phone closer to your hand. It's best to use a tripod for the best definition. Stay away from filters!

    4. Make sure the lighting is right. Don't use the flash. It's best to shoot outdoors in daylight, but not direct sunlight. For extra sparkle and shine, daylight at the start or end of the day can accentuate these properties.

    5. Show off the best features of your ring. If its profile is unique and beautiful, consider tilting your hand. Take photos of several different angles and select the best when you're done.

    instagram engagement

    6. Don't forget about the background! nobody wants to see a pile of laundry or a messy house back there. Choose a nice table background, maybe with a flower next to your hand, or a plain, coloured wall or wooden gate. Get creative!engagement instagram

    7. Add a short and sweet caption about getting married. Express your joy without gloating. Then, add some hashtags. The most commonly used ones are:

    • #engaged
    • #engagementring
    • #isaidyes
    • #shesaidyes
    • #inlove
    • #blessed
    • #excited
    • #lovehim

    That’s it. Following these tips and it will help you get the perfect diamond engagement ring Instagram selfie

    If you're still lacking inspiration, check out this link to the best Instagram accounts to follow for ideas.