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Things to consider when choosing a necklace

Things to consider when choosing a necklace

Necklaces come in a variety of lengths and styles and some will look better with different outfits than others and some will suit different body types more than others. So let's investigate this and help you choose the right length and style for you.


14" chain: this sits snug around the base of the neck to form a choker style

16" chain: this sits just below the neck like a collar or more like a choker for a plus size woman.

18" chain: this is the most common size chain and sits nicely on the collar bone

20" chain: this sits just below the collar bone

22" chain: this sits slightly above the bust.

24" chain: reaches the bust line.


Here we have the most popular modern choices for necklaces for women:

Pendant necklace - Simply a pendant piece hanging from the chain. These are the most common and versatile necklaces.

Choker/collar necklace - It is 14" in length and looks best with off the shoulder formalwear and worn by women with long necks.


Lariat necklace - these don't need a clasp and instead go through a loop at the front. They are becoming a popular choice as they are adjustable in length, elegant and draw attention to the bust.

lariat necklace

Locket necklace - ideal for everyday wear to remember something special in your life. Usually a photo or other small keepsake is placed inside so it can be with you always.

locket necklace

Graduated necklace - These are made by using different size stones, beads or pearls that increase in size towards the bottom of the necklace.

graduated pearl necklace

Negligee necklace - the chain meets a stone feature at the bottom of the necklace with two more drop chains with pendants. 

Complete guide to necklace styles

Body type

If you are of average height or tall, you can get away with wearing any length chain, but if you are on the shorter side, stick to shorter necklaces, otherwise they can dominate your look. For the average sized woman, any style of necklace is suitable, but the the plus size, avoid choker length chains. This goes for those with round faces as the choker will accentuate this. If you have a longer face, stick to shorter length necklaces. Long chains will highlight a long face. For those with a smaller bust, long thin chains or layered thin chains look great. If you have a large bust or are full figured, avoid chains that hang below the bust line as these won't hang properly. Stick with chains no greater than 22 inches. 

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