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High quality and Australian jewellery store showcasing the beauty of our natural world. Affordable, high-end online jewellery

The Stunna Designs Philosophy. Why choose us?

The Stunna Designs Philosophy. Why choose us?

Here at Stunna Designs, we pride ourselves on selling only high-quality jewellery, which has been handcrafted by incredible designers. We select each piece individually to add to our collection and each piece must be what we deem as elegant, stylish and unique. We are simply not interested in selling jewellery which you would find at multi-chain jewellery stores, as we believe their jewellery is generic in looks and being mass produced; therefore, lacking individuality.

 Apart from these very key criteria when we select our jewellery for you, all of our jewellery shares one more thing in common; they showcase the beauty of nature. Why is this? Well, we absolutely love nature here, but not in a barefoot, make a fire with sticks or sleep on some rocks type sense, rather an appreciation for the beauty that is around us everyday naturally. If you think more about this, you can see the beauty in the small elements of nature, such as the intricate details of a leaf or the stunning wings of a bird or butterfly. Even clouds look pretty beautiful if you think about it. And for some reason, the beauty seen in these snippets of nature are all associated with the feminine, which is why we cater to women.

Here are some examples of beautiful jewellery, which showcase a piece of nature that perhaps you haven’t thought of as beautiful before:

1.Our cicada collection. No, cicadas are not gross bugs! They are the sound of summer evenings and are prettier than you think.

2. These dragonfly earrings are stunning, unique, have real gemstones and make you realise that these prehistoric insects are actually delicate, brightly coloured show pieces.

3. The geometric style bees create with honeycomb would impress any architect.

4. Snowflakes are like tiny pieces of jewellery already made with their crystalised, symmetrical, shiny designs.

5.Starfish, or sea stars, are beautiful sea creatures bringing a bit of the night sky to the ocean.



Anyway, you get the idea. Even if you don’t like roughing it without the modern comforts of city life, it is hard to deny that the most beautiful things are naturally occurring. Put these ideas into high-quality jewellery pieces, and then you have yourself something gorgeous you can wear everyday. That’s our philosophy at Stunna Designs, and we really hope you like and support this idea too.