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The right engagement ring for your zodiac sign

The right engagement ring for your zodiac sign

If you're finding it difficult to choose an engagement ring, and your bride-to-be is open to the idea of astrological powers, you could consider choosing a ring based on her zodiac sign. It is thought that each zodiac sign has its own precious stone which can be a good way to select what type of ring to get.


These esoteric individuals like to think outside the box, so instead of a diamond, perhaps go with a ring made with beautiful sapphire with its lush deep blue hue symbolising being a water bearer.


Hopelessly romantic, a pisces girl would happily accept an amethyst stone ring, which represents calmness and peace, something to take into the future of your relationship together.


The fiery personality of an Aries is well represented by the bright, shiny red radiating from a beautiful ruby ring. Rubies signify love, loyalty and good fortune, which is fitting for starting your lives together. 


Topaz is this month's birthstone, a stone meaning nobility, love, passion, and purpose, which will suit the cuddly personality of this zodiac star sign.


A beautiful citrine stone represents increased self-esteem, good luck and emotional harmony is the stone chosen for these talkative, know-it-alls, and can also be a symbol for hospitality, friendship, hope and happiness.


The rare stone Alexandrite brings luck, good fortune and love, which provides comfort to the very sensitive Cancer personality.


The warm, creative but sometimes vain Leo personality has been paired with the gemstone Garnet, which is a stone of prosperity and abundance, encouraging gratitude and service to others.


These busy bees with busy minds have been matched with emeralds, a symbol of spiritual awareness, protection, love, and wisdom.


Peridot is thought to harmonise the body and mind, is associated with strength and balance, and it is believed to bring peace, health and rest. Most useful for the Libra personality who has trouble making decisions and is prone to fantasy. 


With eyes that look into your soul, the Scorpios are matched with aquamarine, which symbolises serenity, tranquility, and universal harmony.


With associations with the heart, blood, inner fire, and life force, garnets have long been considered symbols of love and make a perfect ring for these loud conveyers of truth.


The sense of responsibility that these women have are well offset by the calming nature of green tourmaline, which attracts luck, success, abundance and prosperity and inspires creativity.

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