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How to create the perfect earring stack

How to create the perfect earring stack

The perfect ear stack is all about balance. A combination of dainty studs and hoops with interesting details like chains, will make the best stacks. Generally, you'll want to aim for a gradual decrease in size as you move towards the back/top of the ear, but there are exceptions to this rule.

Most people with pierced ears will have the centre of the lobes pierced as a starting point. You may then be able to fit another one or two piercings in this soft area, and these can showcase hoops or dangly earrings. As you go higher up the ear and the cartilage gets harder, it is best to stick with small studs or tiny skin hugging hoops in this region.

And if you love the look, but hate the pain, you can avoid getting the actual piercing and instead opt for a cuff hoop that clips on and sits firmly around the ear cartilage. This looks particularly stylish off you have some actual piercings to go with it, so you may want to suffer through a little of the pain of piercing first. There are about 15 different ear piercing types to choose from, which you can find out more about here.

It is especially important to stick to one metal colour when stacking earrings. Silver mixed with gold or rose gold will look messy and inconsistent. A bit of colour such as a gemstone, shell or bead will create highlights and draw the eye. And some sparkle, such as that from a diamond will go a long way to completing the look.


To create a unique but simple look, try using thread earrings and weave through multiple piercings. It will give an appearance of elegance with a hint of the bad ass that you are.

Whichever way you decide to go, multiple ear piercings are a modern and trendy way to frame your face with jewellery and can be casual and worn as an everyday look or more sophisticated when a pair of feature earrings are worn in the main lobe alongside tiny studs or hoops sitting behind and above.