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How to choose the perfect gift for her

How to choose the perfect gift for her

Buying gifts for someone can often be an overwhelming experience considering the consumer mayhem that is in existence in this day and age. Of course, some people are naturals at this, but others (I won’t single any one group out, just casually mention husbands, boyfriends, brothers and sons) simply don’t know where to start. This is even more of a problem if you want to choose a gift that she’ll love and cherish forever.

 That being said, it’s pretty difficult to go wrong with high quality jewellery as a gift if you want to give her something that shows how much you love her. Since quality jewellery is made from precious metals and stones, you’ve already ticked the box for finding a precious gift. You do need to keep in mind her style and tastes when choosing the jewellery though if you really want her to love it. For instance, some women don’t like gold, while others only wear gold. Some like both. If her fashion sense tends to be sleek, consider minimalist or smaller sized pieces. If she dresses extravagantly, larger and more colourful options could be good.

You will also need to think about your budget. High quality jewellery doesn’t have to be expensive. Solid 925 sterling silver pieces are very affordable and very high quality. If it’s gold you’re after, but you have a limited budget, 9 or 14 karat gold will be significantly cheaper than 18 or 22 karat gold. Some occasions may call for something more extravagant though, so if you are looking for a once in a lifetime type gift, you may want to splurge and pay the big bucks for some serious precious gemstones set in high karat gold.

If you are searching for something with a deeper meaning, the great thing about jewellery is that many pieces can be engraved to include a meaningful and personal message to the recipient. You can also think about some of your amazing experiences that you’ve had together when selecting the right piece. For instance, perhaps you have had an amazing island holiday together, so she may cherish beach or ocean themed jewellery as a gift from you. For more information about buying a gift for a girlfriend, please visit this website:

Maybe you both went scuba diving and saw sea turtles, which you both found exhilarating, and so a pretty sea turtle pendant could be ideal.


Or maybe you both enjoy getting out into nature, such as camping in the spectacular Australian bush, so you could consider jewellery with a flora theme. For example, Australian gum leaf jewellery pieces make stunning accessories and come in all sorts of different forms from elegant and dainty to flashy and glitzy.


Still struggling? Think about what she is passionate about. Perhaps she loves insects or has a butterfly tattoo. Insects can be incredibly beautiful and are often underappreciated.


Is she a lover of all animals? Does she have favourite ones? How about birds? Bird themed jewellery is stunning and can include just the feather/s, wing/s or the whole bird. There is a huge variety out there!


There is a lot to think about when searching for the perfect gift, but if you stick to high quality jewellery while keeping her tastes, style and passions in mind, you surely won’t go wrong. I doubt there is a woman out there who wouldn’t very much appreciate this type of gift from a loved one.