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Don't forget about bracelets and bangles! Styling tips to accentuate the wrist.

Don't forget about bracelets and bangles! Styling tips to accentuate the wrist.

Many jewellery wearers are quick to forget about the benefits of wearing bangles or bracelets, and we're hear to tell you that this is a huge mistake, as a woman's wrist is a very appealing and feminine part of the body which should be highlighted to draw the eye with some beautiful bling.

Make sure it fits

How to fit your bracelet

You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers between it and your wrist. Remember, a wristband that is too tight will make your wrist appear larger and will be uncomfortable.  If it is too loose, it will keep rolling here and there on your arm and falling over your hand and fingers, which is exceptionally annoying. You can even end up losing it if this is the case.

How should a cuff bracelet fit?

Cuff bracelets are stylish and versatile. They can be adjusted somewhat to fit your wrist, however; this doesn't mean they will fit everybody. You don't want it digging into your skin if it's too tight, but you also don't want it so loose that it bangs about on your wrist. It should be fitted close to your skin, but not tight.

Macrame bracelets fit like a charm

You don’t need to worry about getting your size right for macrame bracelets. They are one size fits all as they are completely adjustable. It makes them an ideal gift when you aren’t sure of their size without the risk of getting it wrong with other types of bracelets. Also, they are a beautiful piece of jewellery that looks amazing as a single bracelet or as a stack.


How To Wear Multiple Bracelets or Bundles?

The great thing about bracelet stacking is that you can get away with mixing colours and styles. It also doesn't matter if the set matches what you're wearing, nor does it matter if it's just one or both wrists. The trending style these days is to be casual with your bracelet stack, so just about anything goes. That being said, there are a few things to consider:

Do make sure the bracelets you choose complement each other. A bunch of bracelets that don't work together will just look chaotic and messy.

When wearing a bunch of bracelets, choose one chunkier or more colourful piece to stand out above the rest. Make it the focal point of your many bangles. Compliment it with more subtle, daintier pieces.

When wearing lots of bracelets, you shouldn't be wearing a whole heap of other jewellery. Doing so will make you over accessorized and cluttered and looks tacky. Wear a small, simple set of earrings and a thin chained necklace. A few fashion rings look stunning when wearing jewellery on your wrist, but make sure the styles and colours compliment each other.

Sometimes, less is more. Don't pile on the bracelets and bangles if they don't compliment each other. Consider wearing just three or four per wrist that look great together. You don't need to wear every bracelet you own at once.

Not all metal colours are friends

While normally mixing and matching works great, that doesn’t always include metal types. Generally, it is best to stick to one metal colour or be cautious when mixing metal jewellery.

Unless your feature piece has two metal colours, you should probably stick to one colour, such as all silver or all gold. Occasionally, you can get away with mixing rose gold with gold or silver and this can actually look incredible stylish if the pieces are right.

Sleeve length

There is little point in wearing bracelets and bangles if you're going to be rugged up all day. They really are a spring through to autumn affair and peak in summer.  In winter, stick to earrings and necklaces.

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