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A guide to the layered necklace

A guide to the layered necklace

We all love a nice necklace, but did you know that you can enhance your favourite necklace by wearing complimentary chains? The trick is to start with a feature necklace, commonly a pendant style, which forms a V-shape, then add another one or two chains of the same colour. These additional chains look best if they form a round shape, so stick with chains or charm necklaces without a heavy pendant, although you can get away with two pendants if the feature one is long enough.

layered necklacelayered necklace

Length is important, as you generally opt for the feature chain to be longer than the next layer, and if you add a third chain, then this should be shorter than the second layer. 

layered necklace

It's a good idea to avoid multiple chains with extenders hanging at the back, as this can look messy and can easily get caught in your hair if your hair is down. Try to stick to no more than one chain extender. Also avoid multiple heavy chains as this can look overbearing. One heavy chain with one or two delicate chains, or layering with only delicate chains looks best.

layered necklace back

Mixing and matching necklace ideas:

A feature necklace could be our beautiful ginkgo pendant necklace or our butterfly wing pendant necklace.

This would look amazing with our leaf choker necklace. You could also add a small, plain gold, delicate chain for another layer.

If you're more of a silver gal, this elegant Stunna Designs leaf pendant or KIN flower pendant necklace looks amazing layered.

pendant necklace

You can add this shorter necklace to complete the botanical, layered theme.

A lariat necklace with other layers is striking and goes well with low V-neck outfits. Our gold shell plunge necklace is a perfect feature piece.

A perfect match for this number would be our Sol Jewellery crystal shell necklace.

If you really feel uninspired, you can also buy necklaces as a set, which are designed to be layered, or you can buy a layered necklace that has only one clasp, as all the chains join at this point. This takes all the guess work out of mixing and matching, but then of course you can't mix and match with any of your other necklaces. For further inspiration, please visit this link.